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4 Tips To Elevate Your Mindset

I live in San Diego, CA and most people in Southern California have lifestyle habits to optimize there physical appearance. Whether it's outdoor activities/workouts, eating certain foods for weight management, or health and wellness trends that help to keep us "looking" our best.

Just like we have that level of emphasis in our daily lifestyles for our physical appearance, it's just as important that we have lifestyle habits and routines for how we will mentally train to level up our "home mindset".

Most times the thing that is holding us back is ourselves, and often times it's without us even being aware of it, because we have conditioned ourselves to operate certain ways through "routine".

Check out this list of 4 actionable tips you can use to start leveling up your mindset:

1. Identify & Change Your Self-Talk

The conversations you have with yourself are probably the most important conversations that will lead to your success, and are a direct reflection of your mindset.

Have you ever taken a step back to listen and analyze your self talk? If you are telling yourself “I am not good enough to achieve (fill in the blank)”, your doubtful thoughts will create your reality and your mindset will hold you back from having the life you want. To upgrade your mindset, change your negative self-talk to an empowerment statement. Sounds cliché, but saying statements to yourself like “It’s on me”, “I got this”, or “Let’s go” can help to keep your focus on things you can control, in those moments where you may be doubting your abilities.

2. Change your Language

After changing your inner thought dialogue and the story you are telling yourself, change the way you talk to other people. Avoid phrases like “I am always like this” or “This always happens to me” or “if only (fill in the blank) wouldn't have happened, then... all of those types of statements remove the accountability and impact YOU can put into achieving your desired outcomes. To be able to tap into your growth mindset your external dialogue is key.

You get what you focus on- There are times where it is hard to be positive, when it's challenging, and when it may not be "fair", but in regards to our goals it’s important that we are able to remain “neutral” in our process to attacking our goals.

Make it a habit to talk about the things that are going well in your life, and avoid complaining about problems and undesirable outcomes that you have no control over.

3. Chart 5 Moves & Act As If

When you have a goal you want to achieve identify someone who has already done it, or is currently at a high level and copy 5 moves that they do that make them successful. Is it arriving early? Is it not taking no? Is it attention to detail? What do they do that is different?

Ask yourself: “What type of mindset do people have that were successful at this goal?” Once you identify those 5 moves, act as if you are someone that operates like that.

For example, healthy & fit people share the mindset and adopt an identity of people WHO work out, rather than thinking it is something that they “squeeze” into their schedule. And because their identity is attached to that lifestyle habit, working out is something that is a non negotiable that is scheduled in their calendar.

If it’s your goal to be healthy & fit, act as if you already HAVE the mindset and identity of a healthy & fit person. This way, you are basically tricking your brain to adopt a new mindset and reinforcing it with action, with consistency results are guaranteed to follow.

4. Personal Development- Learn & Apply

Read books from great minds to understand and adopt their thinking. Read books about how to develop personally in areas that might be challenges for you. Learn from mindset experts through online courses, events, and coaching.

Here are some of my favorite mindset/personal development resources:

Bonus Tip: Level Up your Social Circles

We’ve all heard the saying that if you are hanging out with 5 broke people, you’ll be the sixth… The truth is that when we only socialize in circles of people that are exactly like us and that we are “comfortable” with, we don’t get exposed to other ways of thinking, and how people that may be further ahead than us operate.

Want to upgrade your money & success mindset? Start hanging out with people that are very successful and seem to have an abundance of money flowing their way at any time. It is easier to adopt a new mindset when you see that it is already working for other people, and are able to learn HOW they think and ADAPT your daily habits and mindset to match theirs.

If you don’t have immediate access to these types of people you can still gain mentors through books, podcasts, courses, etc. The key here is exposing yourself to growth environments.

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