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My Story, From The Early Days, To How I Got Here Part 1


On this show we’re switching things up a bit, and I’m tossing the microphone and host hat to my wife Erin Naanee, and she is putting in the hot seat as a guest on the show.

Whenever I’m interviewed it brings out stories that I’ve never thought to share, it gives me a chance to stop and reflect, which to be honest is a weakness of mine, because I’m always focusing and working toward next thing.

In this two part episode, Erin takes us back in time to my early days when I was a kid growing up in Portland, OR with a dream to become a two sport pro athlete, through all of the learning curves and experiences I’ve gone through all the way to right now.

If you want to know how I started out in the beginning, how I navigated and overcame the obstacles and challenges I experienced on every level, and the strategies that I still use from my life as a Pro Athlete. Hit play for part 1 of this episode to hear my answers to the questions below.

Early Lessons I’ll Never Forget

What many people don’t know is that I quit my first year playing tackle football. Erin and I talk about the learning curves and the lessons I took away from that experience that I used my whole career.

How My Parents Set Me Up For Success

Success was stressed from an early age in my household growing up, Erin asked what tools, resources, and asked what specific things my parents did that helped to set me up for success.

Advice To Parents Of Athletes That Want To Play College Level Sports

Erin asked what advice I would give advice to parents of athletes that want to play on the college level. If you want a blueprint for how to help your athlete reach their full potential tune into the full episode.

The Process Of Transitioning Into College & Life In The NFL

We discuss the many challenges, obstacles, and adversity I was faced with in college, and how I turned those obstacles into fuel and tools that I used as a pro athlete, and we talk about the draft process and what it’s like to receive that phone call saying “we are drafting you with our next pick, welcome to the San Diego Chargers”.

In this interview with myself in the hot seat we talk about stories, and I share insights I have never shared before. Tune into the full episode, this is one you won’t want to miss!

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