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6 Tips To Use Adversity As Fuel Rather Than A Setback


On today's show were talking about adversity. In my personal experience adversity, and challenges can either be the reason "WHY" something didn’t happen for you, or it can be the thing that forces you to become a better version of yourself, that leads to your massive growth, and can push you to "MAKE IT HAPPEN" when we use it fuel.

I know I have faced my share of adversity and in this game of life I think we can all agree that no matter how much adversity you may have faced, you're more than likely going to face even more? It may look different, seem different, and challenge you in different ways, but dealing with challenges, obstacles, and adversity is par for the course when you're challenging yourself and pushing for your next level.

I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely had experiences, where my response to adversity or a challenge, made the situation worse because of how I responded, and a lot of times when we don’t have a plan or system for how to deal adversity we can be making things worse without even being aware of it.

So instead of viewing adversity as a negative, or allowing it to knock us off of our game, or as something that happened "to" us, from a victims mentality, why wouldn’t we condition ourselves for how to deal with it so that we can thrive in those situations?

Just like training an on the job skill, training in the gym, or anything else, the results are shown through the conditioning, meaning consistency and repetition. Just like you can’t transform your body after a week of training and eating clean, you can’t thrive through adversity without conditioning yourself for it.

Now you might be thinking how do you condition yourself for adversity?

In this episode I share 6 tips to help you re-frame, and condition your mentality so that you're able to use adversity as fuel rather than a setback.

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