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Level Up Efficiently With Social Learning


On today’s episode we're discussing the concept of social learning.

We have all utilized social learning in some way, whether it was when you were a kid and you imitated imitated siblings, friends, your parents, or any famous figures you looked up to, or when you 're a new employee or team members using social learning to observe the culture of how things are done in order to speed up your learning curve as you get acclimated to the environment and the standards.

Oftentimes we only use social learning when we’re learning something new, whether it be a new role or skill, but we rarely proactively seek it out once we have “experience”.

On today's episode I ask the question if you is do you apply this social learning concept in your life, and ask you have a social learning game plan?

Whether it’s personally or professionally, this social learning concept is the key to leveling up efficiently. Tune in, as I share a few tips for how you can apply this social learning concept in your life to level up!

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