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Wired To Win With Kenji Gorre


On this episode I sit down with Kenji Gorre. Kenji is a Professional Footballer, who started his career at the young age of 8, at the Manchester United Club which is one of the top soccer prep academy’s in the world.

In this conversation he shares his journey of making it to the Professional level, talks about some of his biggest challenges and also provides some thought provoking questions around getting clarity on your purpose.

Kenji is also a mindset coach for other Professional Footballers and the thing that jumped out to me in this conversation is that, he doesn’t only want to be the best on the field, he wants to be the best off of it as well.

I’m excited for you guys to tune into this one, there are lots of nuggets and actionable takeaways.

Connect With Kenji

The best ways to connect with Kenji are on Instagram @kenjigorre. Check out his Podcast On The Ball, and his On The Ball Planner.

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