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Wired To Win With Erin Naanee

What if you knew that you had the power to make that "thing" happen? That dream lifestyle, dream car, or dream career?

On today's episode I sit down with a very special guest Erin Naanee (my wife), she shares her journey of leaving a well paying career to pursue her dream lifestyle, talks about how she had to overcome doubt from the people closest to her, how her biggest obstacles we're the things that ultimately led to her success, and how we all have the power within us to accomplish our goals, even if we haven't found or tapped into it yet.

Who Is Erin Naanee?

Erin wears many titles, she is a mom of 3, a San Diego business owner/operator (5 physical locations in San Diego, CA), business leader, and mentor. Erin is passionate about inspiring others to show up as the best versions of themselves and to go after what they want.

She doesn't view her role as a "boss" to her teams, but as a leader that aims to inspire, and impact them beyond the 4 walls of the physical locations they work in, and to arm them with tools that will help them to be successful in life, outside of business.

Get To Know More About Erin Naanee

Erin shares her journey and resources on her site and you can find her on Instagram @omg_itserin.



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