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What's Your Internal Ad Campaign?


On today’s episode we're talking about the story that you're telling yourself. Research has proven that we all have a little voice in our head, and that we speak to ourselves through that internal voice anywhere between 60,000 and 100,000 thoughts per day!

The feedback we receive whether it be positive or negative can cause interference with that inner voice that we all have, and can negatively affect our internal dialogue. A lot of times those internal thoughts are only a direct response to the feedback we are receiving, and can become dominated by the moment rather than remaining focused on the mission and the objectives.

Just like big brands use ad campaigns to move products, and coaches use ad campaigns to get their teams on board with the mission, it’s important that we are proactive and create our own internal ad campaigns, so that we are able to master our internal dialogue.

Questions To Consider:

  1. If you're being honest with yourself here, where are you currently at with your internal dialogue if you were to rate your internal dialogue on a scale of 1-10?

  2. Are the stories that you're telling yourself empowering you to be the person you want to become, or are the stories you're telling yourself, holding you back from actualizing your full potential?

It’s not our environment, circumstances, or anything else that is going to hold us back. It’s our thoughts, the things we say, and what we do (our ad campaigns) that will either hold us back, or put is in position to actualize our full potential.

Tune in, and start taking a more proactive approach to the stories you're telling yourself!

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