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Wired To Win With David Canter


On this episode I have a conversation with NFL super agent David Canter. David is the President and CEO of DEC Management DEC Management, which is a worldwide leader in athlete management, contract negotiations, marketing & endorsements, and representation.

In this episode David shares how being pulled over for a broken tail light started his unique journey into becoming an agent, he provides a behind the scenes look of managing athletes on the highest level, and provides some insight into the mentality it takes to negotiate NFL contracts worth over $100M dollars!

If you’ve ever wondered what an agent does, or you're someone who wants to pursue becoming an agent, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Connect with David

The best ways to connect with David are via his website, or on Instagram @Decmgmt.

Share your biggest takeaway with me!

DM me on Instagram and share your biggest takeaways from the show @legedunaanee.

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