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  • Legedu Naanee

Are you Playing To Lose?


On this episode we discuss the distinction that teams that have a winning culture have.... they aren’t scared to lose. It sounds basic, but because they aren't worried about losing, their sole focus is on what they do desire- to win!

All they imagine is winning, all they focus on is the steps and individual things that will lead to them winning, and losing isn’t even considered.

Teams that don't have a winning cultures go from a mindset of trying to win, to playing not to lose when the other team starts to come back (thinking of the Falcons vs Patriots in Superbowl 53).

Just like we can clearly see how a team's mindset on playing to win, vs playing not to lose can be THE thing that determines whether or not they win, that same concept can be applied to our personal lives. In this episode I identify 3 indicators that you may be "playing to lose" and I share a secret to success to ensure that you are playing to win!

Are you in it to win it?

Tune into this short tactical episode to ensure your putting yourself in the best position to maximize your opportunities.

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