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6 Tips To Focus On What You Can Control Through Change & Challenge

When we are adjusting to change, whether that be pivoting in your career, or when we're faced with a challenge personally, the first thing usually experience stress, from the uncertainty or change. Have you ever noticed that?

On today’s episode we're focusing on 6 tips to help you focus on the things you can control when faced with change or a challenge.

We can't always control our outcomes, but WE CAN control our input to influence the outcomes that we want. 3 things WE CAN always control:


How do you show up? Are you someone people want to be around, that people are drawn to? Or do show up however based on how your feeling, side of bed, or based on how the day is going so far?


Oftentimes when we think of effort, we think of physical actions, but it also includes our mental energy and focus as well. We need both our mental and physical efforts to be focused on the things that we can control.


Actions aren’t just something that we have already done, or completed, it’s something that we DO. So often you hear people say "that" didn’t work for me, or "I already tried that," but the very definition of action is that it often takes repetition to gain mastery for it to work.

Listen to the full episode for the 6 tips to help you navigate change and challenge more efficiently.

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