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Wired To Win With Aisha Marshall


This episodes guest is Aisha Marshall, who and along with her best friend Destinee Dickerson Co-Founded Creative Label which is a Digital Consulting Agency.

In the episode she shares some of the struggles they faced as they navigated the first few years of entrepreneurship that nobody talks about, how a mindset shift has transformed their business, and how to avoid one of the biggest mistakes most people make on social media.

Aisha was just named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and is proof that if you are passionate about your a vision vision you can make it a reality!

Tune in and don't forget to leave a rating and review!

Connect with Aisha

Follow @creativ.label on Instagram. Tune into the The Label Podcast. If you are looking to work with Creative Label text CLU to 310-982-2662.

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