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  • Legedu Naanee

Tour Guides vs Travel Agents


In this I episode we're talking about seeking out mentors in the areas where you want to level up, whether that be achieving a new goal, or an accomplishment. I give an example of the differences between a Tour Guide and a Travel Agent to highlight how so often we are relying on the information of people that may have the best intentions for us, but may not have expertise or personal experience.

We end up taking relationship advice from friends who aren’t in happy relationships, we take business advice from friends and family who aren’t in our areas of business, we allow people to convince us that the things we are after are impossible, or that we need to be more realistic with our goals and ambitions.

Most of the time our friends, family, and colleagues may have the best intentions with the advice they give us, but just like a travel agent, if they don’t have that first hand experience, they are only relying on information they’ve heard, or researched.

Tune in to find out a common denominator I have found with successful people, regardless of their discipline, or industry they're in.

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