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  • Legedu Naanee

Necessary Detours


Have you ever looked back at points in your life and thought about how if things that maybe weren’t ideal at the time hadn’t happened, you would have never gotten to the level you’re at now?

I know when I look back at my career in the NFL, if certain things wouldn’t have never happened the way they did, my life could look completely different, I could of been drafted to a different team, and lived in a completely different city, have ever looked back at some of your past experience and thought about that?

Often times that "middle period" is overlooked when it comes to achievement, and accomplishing big goals. When we see people like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Jeff Bezos, or any other elite level achiever we see them at the top and often forget that during their journey that had to overcome challenges, obstacles, a lack of opportunities, just like everyone else does.

In this episode I talk about how we should view some of the detours, obstacles and challenges we face, as the things we need to experience so that we are able to reach our next level.

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