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4 Keys To Creating Your Advantage

On this episode I share 4 steps you can take to find your secret sauce, and create an advantage for yourself as your looking to level up.

As a former Pro athlete, when you're competing against the best athletes in the world, you have to find and create your advantage on a daily basis. Both in my career in the NFL and post career one of the ways I created my advantage was by getting clear on what my brand was.

Defining my brand as an athlete is what allowed for me to overcome the challenges. It was when my back was against the wall, that I had to get clear on my brand identity. It was the clarity in my vision, mission, purpose, and values, that allowed me to block out the noise, distractions, and to focus all of my time energy, and focus on things that I could control, so that I was able to make the necessary pivots to make it to achieve my dream of playing in the NFL. Even if you're not an athlete, when you're clear on your brand's identity, it allows for you to remain focused through challenges, adversity, and obstacles.

Now when I say the word brand, I’m not talking about being an Instagram Influencer, or a network marketer, although you can use these same concepts I discuss, but for purposes of this conversation, when I use the word brand I’m talking about your brands identity, meaning what people think, and what you might want them to think, after they have had an experience with you.

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